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An excerpt of comments from previous short course participants:

  • The technical depth and breadth were impressive for a one-week course. Good coverage of the subject matter.
  • Both lab and lectures are very relevant to power supply design.
  • Theory is well taught and is enforced by the time spent in the lab. This is how learning should be.
  • Excellent lab exercises; insight into models very important for design/applications engineers
  • Relevant for industry; conceptual and basic understanding of control and modeling.
  • The fundamental concepts are important, especially for professionals who had been out of school for a while.
  • The information was well presented. Good balance between class and lab. Both professors were excellent.
  • Effective format - learn materials in the morning, then apply and reinforce in the afternoon lab
  • There is very good explanation of fundamentals and very relevant current research as well.
  • It helped me understand all the basic blocks involved in a voltage regulator. The lab sessions are really impressive and definitely an eye-opener.
  • Coming from an IC design background, this short course is a quick way to get experience with converters.
  • Very informative and lab was great. Good balance between theory and application.
  • Professors were very knowledgeable; lab work was incredibly educational; lab equipment, for the most part, was in really good shape.
  • The lectures were good at summarizing converter models; the lab were very well organized to quickly produce results
  • Lab work which helps you validate the theory. Excellent guidance by Dr. Dushan.
  • Nicely-equipped labs and well-correlated experiments.
  • Good depth; comprehensive overview at the end of the course.
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