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2022 CPES Conference

Characterization, Packaging and Applications of WBG/UWBG Devices (Click to Expand)

H1.1: Highlight 1 Panel - Night Session
H1.2: Thermal and Thermomechanical Analysis of a 10 kV SiC MOSFET Package with Double-Sided Cooling
Mark Cairnie, Christina DiMarino
H1.3: A PCB-Embedded 1.2 kV SiC Half-Bridge Module for EV On-Board Charger Applications
Jack Knoll, Gibong Son, Christina DiMarino, Qiang Li, Hannes Stahr, Mike Morianz
H1.4: Evaluation of 650V, 100A Direct-Drive GaN Power Switch for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Applications
Qihao Song, Joseph P. Kozak, Ming Xiao, Yunwei Ma, Boyan Wang, Ruizhe Zhang, Roman Volkov, Kurt Smith, Tamara Baksht, and Yuhao Zhang
H1.5: Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of a Custom Package for a (650 V, 150 A) e-GaN HEMT
Carl Nicholas, Shengchang Lu, Guo-Quan Lu
H1.6: Tri-Gate GaN Junction HEMTs: Physics and Performance Space
Yunwei Ma, Ming Xiao, Yuhao Zhang
H1.7: A Novel Stray-inductance-based Current Sensor for Switching Current Measurement
Tam Nguyen, Slavko Mocevic, Keyao Sun, and Rolando Burgos

EMI and Magnetics (Click to Expand)

H2.1: Highlight 2 Panel - Night Session
H2.2: High Density EMI Filter for a More Electric Aircraft (MEA) based DC-Fed Motor Drive
Ripun Phukan
H2.3: Adaptive-coupled Inductors for Multiphase Voltage Regulators
Feiyang Zhu, Qiang Li
H2.4: Active Voltage Controlled Gate Driver for SiC MOSFET Modules
Paul Mourges
H2.5: Gate Driver Switching Noise Propagation Study for Medium Voltage SiC-based Power Electronics Building Blocks
He Song, Igor Cvetkovic, Dushan Boroyevich, Jun Wang
H2.6: Investigation and Solutions for High Termination Losses in Planar Matrix Transformers with Full-Bridge Rectifiers
Pranav Raj Prakash, Ahmed Nabih, Qiang Li
H2.7: PCB-Based Inductors for PFC - Benefits and Limitations
Shuo Wang, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li

Design and Analysis of Low Voltage Converters (Click to Expand)

H3.1: Highlight 3 Panel - Night Session
H3.2: Light Load Efficiency Improvement of Three Phase CLLC Resonant Converter for On-Board Charger Applications
Feng Jin, Ahmed Nabih, Qiang Li
H3.3: High-Efficicency High-Density 6kW 400/48V Power Supply for Data Centers
Rimon Gadelrab, Fred Lee
H3.4: Analysis and Assessment of Soft-Switching Inverters for SiC-based Traction Drive in Electric Vehicles
Che-Wei Chang, Matthias Spieler, Rolando Burgos, Dong Dong
H3.5: Design of 2x211 kW High Power-Density Aircraft Motor Drive System
Xingchen Zhao, Ripun Phukan, Chewei Chang, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos
H3.6: 300A Single-Stage 48V Voltage Regulator with Multiphase Current Doubler Rectifier and Integrated Transformer
Xin Lou, Qiang Li, Fred Lee
H3.7: PCB Technology Comparison Enabling a 900V SiC. MOSFET Half Bridge Design For Automotive Traction Inverters
Matthias Spieler, Che-Wei Chang, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos

Modeling and Control of High-Frequency Converters (Click to Expand)

H4.1: Highlight 4 Panel - Night Session
H4.2: A Microcontroller-Based High Efficiency Critical Conduction Mode Control for GaN-Based Totem-Pole PFC
Xingyu Chen, Gibong Son, Feng Jin, Qiang Li
H4.3: Fast-Transient Control Scheme for 48V-PoL Four-Phase Series Capacitor Buck Converter
Adhistira M. Naradhipa, Qiang Li
H4.4: Steady-State Analysis of Series-Resonator Buck Converter
Cong Tu, Rengang Chen, Khai Ngo
H4.5: Design and Control of High Power Wide Gain Range LLC Converters
Chunyang Zhao, Fred C Lee
H4.6: Partial Fluctuating Power Control of Resonant Converter for Solid-State Transformer
Zheqing Li, Chunyang Zhao, Yi-Hsun Hsieh, Qiang Li
H4.7: Design and Implementation of Bi-directional Three-phase Two-level Converter Cascaded with Stacked Non-inverting Four-switch Buck-boost DC-DC Converter
Yijie Bai, Yuliang Cao, Vladimir Mitrovic, Dr.Dong Dong Dr. Rolando Burgos

Design and Assessment of Medium Voltage Converter (Click to Expand)

H5.1: Highlight 5 Panel - Night Session
H5.2: Design Optimization of a Thermal Management System for Medium-Voltage Modular Converters
Qian Li, Igor Cvetkovic, Dushan Boroyevich
H5.3: Design of a 24 kV PCB Based DC Bus
David Nam, Joshua Stewart, Rolando Burgos
H5.4: Insulation Design and Assessment of a Medium Voltage PEBB-based Converter
Joshua Stewart, David Nam, Rolando Burgos
H5.5: Design of Integrated Transformer and Inductor for a High-Power High-Frequency Resonant Converter
Tianlong Yuan
H5.6: A Multi-Channel High-Frequency Current Link Based Isolated Auxiliary Power Supply for Medium-Voltage Applications
Ning Yan, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos
H5.7: Three-phase Multi-level Inverter Topology Evaluation
Tianyu Zhao, Rolando Burgos, Yongduk Lee

Control and Modeling of Grid-Level Systems (Click to Expand)

H6.1: Highlight 6 Panel - Night Session
H6.2: Fault Characteristics Analysis on 56-Bus Distribution System with Penetration of Utility-scale PV Generation
Biqi Wang, Rolando Burgos, Ye Tang, Bo Wen
H6.3: Fault-Monitoring of Photovoltaics Systems using Impedance Measurement
Jeet Panchal, Bo Wen, Rolando Burgos
H6.4: Modeling and Control of Modular Multilevel Converter
Yugal Gupta, Yi-Hsun Hsieh, Fred C Lee
H6.5: Dynamic Phasor Modeling of Multi-Converter Systems
Arash Nazari, Yaosuo Xue, Jayesh Kumar Motwani, Igor Cvetkovic, Dong Dong, Dushan Boroyevich
H6.6: Modeling of Power Electronic Systems with Harmonic State Space Modeling with Focus on Pulse Width Modulation
Jayesh K. Motwani, Yaosuo Xue, Arash Nazari, Dong Dong, Igor Cvetkovic, Dushan Boroyevich
H6.7: Real-time Industrial Communication Protocols: A Comparative Study
Vladimir Mitrovic, Yu Rong, Boran Fan, Dushan Borojevich, Rolando Burgos

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