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CPES Faculty, Staff, and Scholars present at EPE'17 ECCE Europe

Sep 25, 2017

CPES Assistant Technical Editor Christina DiMarino at the EPE
CPES Assistant Technical Director Christina DiMarino at the EPE'17 ECCE Europe IEEE Young Professionals Meet-Up.
CPES was well-represented by students, professors, and visiting scholars at the 2017 European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'17 ECCE Europe), which took place in Warsaw, Poland from September 11-14. On the first day of the conference, CPES director Dushan Boroyevich and professor Rolando Burgos gave a full-day tutorial, titled "Small-Signal Stability and Subsystem Interactions in Distributed Power Systems with Multiple Converters", along with former CPES student Jinjun Liu, former professor Palo Mattavelli, and former visiting scholar Zeng Liu. The tutorial covered approaches to mitigating the small-signal stability issue presented by dynamic interactions among subsystems/converters in distributed power systems, especially the impedance-based approach. Topics included impedance-based stability criterion for two cascaded subsystems and corresponding load specification and stability monitoring methods, stability criteria for two parallel subsystems, stability criteria for multiple subsystems, how to handle situations when interactions through communications exist, and how these methods and techniques could be extended to single-phase AC systems.

On Tuesday, Dr. Boroyevich also had the honor of giving a welcome address at the conference opening session, representing the IEEE Power Electronics Society, which is co-sponsoring the conference as a part of its global Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE) series. This was followed by two technical paper presentations on Wednesday by CPES visiting scholar Yue Xiaolong and CPES Assistant Technical Director Christina DiMarino, respectively. The first, "Beat Frequency Oscillation Analysis for Parallel DC-DC Converters Based on Crossed Frequency Output Impedance Matrix Model", proposed a new model to describe the terminal characteristics of a dc-dc converter around its switching frequency range, and developed a high frequency equivalent circuit model for the converter to predict the beat frequency oscillation in parallel and cascaded systems. The second, "Design and Development of a High-Density, High-Speed 10 kV SiC MOSFET Module", discussed the fabrication of an optimal package for 10 kV SiC MOSFETs that would have minimal parasitic elements to allow for good transient performance, low thermal impedance to effectively remove the heat from the module, and a small footprint to achieve high power density.

To see photos of the event, please visit the EPE'17 ECCE Europe website. The papers on the topics presented may be accessed in the CPES document library.
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