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Rolando Burgos is the primary investigator awarded with a NASA project grant!

Mar 12, 2020

Nasa Partner
Nasa Partner
CPES is honored with a project grant from the NASA, John H Glenn Research Center, Lewis Field.

'Small-signal modeling and stability specification of a hybrid propulsion system for aircrafts'

Project Description:

In response to the request, this project proposes to model the electric propulsion system of STARCABL. Components of the system are the drivetrain, induction generator, commercial power supply for the testbed, rectifier, battery energy storage converter, loads, inverter, and the motor to drive the tail fan. Using the developed models, criteria for the small-signal stability assessment will be developed. The criteria will address the dynamics of the electric system and the electro-mechanical interaction in a gas turbine-generator system Verifications of the proposed criteria will be done in time-domain simulations at various operating points using the averaged models and switching models developed. Finally, advice for the future experimental validation on the measurement methodology will be given.
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