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Annual IAB Meeting

Jul 01, 2020

On June 3rd, almost 50 representatives from 35 member companies, joined the annual IAB meeting. Originally scheduled to take place in April at the CPES conference, this consultation was held remotely due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
It was a highly interactive assembly with many thoughtful questions, comments, and suggestions which were very much appreciated.
A number of items were covered and a brief summary follows. The meeting slides are available here.

  1. State of CPES - Dushan Boroyevich and CPES faculty reviewed the significant accomplishments of the past year and overall state of the CPES consortium.
  2. Industry Survey - The IAB Executive Committee presented results from the industry survey.
  3. CPES Conference - Several options were presented regarding the timing and content of the conference. See 2020 CPES and PEC Conferences for decisions resulting from IAB input.
  4. Strengthen CPES Membership - Good discussion of ideas to build the industry consortium.
  5. IAB Executive Committee Election - See IAB Executive Committee Elections and Role Changes for results.
Based on IAB Representative inputs, the following action items are being explored and implemented by the IAB Executive Committee and by CPES faculty and staff:

  1. CPES website - CPES staff are exploring an update of the website to improve user experience and search capability.
  2. Intellectual Property Sharing - CPES faculty are considering re-naming the IPPF to better convey the value provided. The IAB Executive Committee is looking at ways to encourage member participation and gain more insight into member use of consortia IP.
  3. Industry Advisory Board (IAB) - IAB Executive Committee is proposing several ways to better communicate efforts to improve the consortium, including a biannual newsletter and a page on the CPES website dedicated to IAB information. They will also explore ways to encourage IAB reps to be more active ambassadors to their companies.
  4. Mini-Consortium Program - CPES faculty are evaluating the addition of a new WBG power semiconductor devices mini-consortia and testbeds. They will also look to improve the communication of the research focus and plans of each mini-consortia and CPES overall.
  5. Short Course - CPES faculty are assessing short course offerings and delivery methods.
We are excited to work on these goals and feel they will result in tangible and significant improvements for all Members in the CPES Industry Consortium. CPES is very grateful to the leadership provided by the IAB, the IAB Executive Committee, and all our members for their valuable insights.
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