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Congratulations to Dr. Dong Dong for his newest grant!

Oct 30, 2020

Dong Dong
Dong Dong has been awarded a new grant titled 'SiC Three-level Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter (THMMC) for Medium-voltage Power Conversion Applications'


Accessing renewables energy and energy storages from grid, e.g. solar, wind, and batteries, inevitably requires the high-efficient solid-state power conversion solutions. Industry is moving toward mediumvoltage (MV) solutions, which can directly access the MV grid, to save bulky transformer, cables and $/kVA of the converter. First published in 2003, the Modular multilevel converter (MMC) technology immediately gains popularity and becomes a de-facto benchmark system in MV to HV voltage-sourceconverter (VSC). However, MMC still has many limitations. This proposal proposes a new family of modular-oriented MV multi-level converters, namely three-level hybrid modular multilevel converter (THMMC). The proposed concept leads to various topology variations. For instance, the diode-based THMMC (DTHMMC) rectifier provides a significant cost and total system size saving and efficiency improvement. The SiC devices can be used in the proposed solutions to synthesize high-fidelity ac output. The NSF funding will be propitious for PIs to perform detailed fundamental research study on this family of solutions and develop a set of fundamental modeling, control, and design solutions, which pave the path for industry adoption and train the students to learn medium-voltage power electronics and modular multilevel converter system.