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APEC 2021 Technical Lecture Best Presentation Award Winners

Jun 14, 2021

CPES students Yuliang Cao, Jian Liu, Ahmed Nabih, Minh Ngo, and Qihao Song were selected for Best Presentation Awards at APEC 2021.

  • Jian Liu - 'High Power Density Design of Power Electronic Interrupter in Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker'
    • Paper ID 1370
    • Technical Lecture Session T01 - Design Techniques for WBG Power Converters
  • Qihao Song - 'Robustness of Cascode GaN HEMTs under Repetitive Overvoltage and Surge Energy Stresses'
    • Paper ID 1553
    • Technical Lecture Session T07 - GaN, Silicon, and Passive Devices
  • Yuliang Cao - 'Design and Implementation of High-density Isolated Bi-directional Soft-switching Resonant DC-DC Converter with Partial Power Processing'
    • Paper ID 1441
    • Technical Lecture Session T14 - Bi-directional DC-DC Converters
  • Minh Ngo - 'Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis and Design of an Air Duct Cooling System for 18 kW, 500 kHz Planar Transformers'
    • Paper ID 1476
    • Technical Lecture Session T34 - Power Converter Component Packaging & Reliability
  • Ahmed Nabih - 'High Power Density 1 MHz 3 kW 400 V-48 V LLC Converter for Datacenters with Improved Core Loss and Termination Loss'
    • Paper ID 1770
    • Technical Lecture Session T06 - Resonant DC-DC Converters

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