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2022 CPES Annual Conference Student Awards

Apr 27, 2022

CPES attracts some of the best students in the world. And when those students challenge each other to give the top presentation at the Technical Sessions and to be the most engaging during the Lab Dialogue Sessions, everyone who participated in the 2022 CPES Annual Conference benefits.

The following students were selected by conference participants as the best in their respective categories. The links go to the recording of their presentation or highlight video on the conference website.

The winners receive a plaque and small cash prizeand of course good-natured bragging rights among their colleagues.

You can find the presenters' papers and nuggets on the conference website at this link or enter in your browser. The conference website and all materials will remain accessible through the end of April. Afterwards, all conference materials will be available to Industry Consortium Members on the CPES website.

CPES would like to thank Delta Electronics and Lockheed Martin Corporation for their sponsorship of these awards and their long-term support of our center.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the students for hosting a wonderful conference!

Best Technical Presentation Award sponsored by Delta Electronics

Technical Session 1: Characterization, Packaging, and Applications of WBG/UWBG Devices
Ruizhe Zhang - T1.4 - Overvoltage Ruggedness and Dynamic Breakdown Voltage of P-Gate GaN HEMTs in High-Frequency Switching up to Megahertz

Technical Session 2: Resonant Converters and Magnetic Integration
Yuliang Cao - T2.3 - Switching Transition Analysis and Optimization for Bi-directional CLLC Resonant DC Transformer (CLLC-DCX)

Technical Session 3: Design, Modeling and Control of Medium Voltage Converter
Qing Lin - Input Impedance Characterization of a Single-Phase PFC in D-Q Frame

Best Dialogue Paper Presentation Award sponsored by Lockheed Martin
Mark Cairnie - Thermal and Thermomechanical Analysis of a 10 kV SiC MOSFET Package with Double-Sided Cooling

Feiyang Zhu - Adaptive-coupled Inductors for Multiphase Voltage Regulators

Xingchen Zhao - Design of 200-kW High Efficiency, High Power-Density, High Altitude SiC-Based Motor Drive System

Xin Lou - 300A Single-Stage 48V Voltage Regulator with Multiphase Current Doubler Rectifier and Integrated Transformer

Lakshmi Ravi - Electrical Insulation Design and Qualification of a SiC-based Generator-Rectifier Unit (GRU) for High-Altitude Operation

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