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ARPA-E awards CPES for "Substation in a Cable for Adaptable, Low-cost Electrical Distribution (SCALED)"

May 09, 2022

Christina DiMarino
Virginia Tech's Christina DiMarino with co-PIs Igor Cvetkovic, G.Q. Lu, Khai Ngo, and Yuhao Zhang will combine the functionality benefits of power electronics with the power density benefits of high-voltage cables to create a cohesive, all-in-one structure to replace bulky, inflexible power substations in today's electrical grid. This "substation within a cable" design uses a cascade of coaxial power conversion cells to gradually step-down voltage to levels required by the loads. Virginia Tech's module can achieve high power density and a form factor that enables seamless integration with the cable by mimicking a coaxial geometric design. This could eliminate the need for large and expensive power substations and enable simple integration of renewable energy sources, electric vehicle fast-charging infrastructure, energy storage, and efficient direct current distribution lines.

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