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US Patent: 9589718

Method for Reducing or Eliminating Conducted Common Mode Noise in a Transformer
Yuchen Yang, Daocheng Huang, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
Issued: March 07, 2017

At least one shield member interposed between primary and secondary windings of a transformer and connected to the primary and/or secondary windings forms a distributed parasitic capacitance between the shield member and either the winding to which it is not connected or another shield member connected to that winding. Connections are made to the respective transformer windings such that the voltage distributions thus developed cause complementary common mode noise to be conducted in opposite directions in respective portions of the parasitic capacitance such that net common mode current can be made arbitrarily small without requiring that both sides of the distributed parasitic capacitance have complementary or equal voltage distributions. Such complementary common mode currents can be achieved by dividing opposing shield members or developing a voltage distribution in a single shield member in accordance with Faraday's Law.

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