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US Patent: 9812978

Circuit and Method for Driving Synchronous Rectifiers for High-Frequency Flyback Converters
Xiucheng Huang, Fred Lee, Qiang Li
Issued: November 07, 2017

A two-stage power converter architecture including an isolation transformer and rectification of the isolation transformer output by A voltage waveform similar to a waveform of a magnetizing current of an isolation transformer and immune to high frequency oscillatory resonant behavior is developed across a capacitor of a series resistor and capacitor connection connected in parallel with a synchronous rectifier. A simple logic circuit produces a waveform for controlling the synchronous rectifier which is not subject to significant turn on delay or early turn off caused by oscillatory resonances among parasitic inductances and capacitances. Improved timing accuracy of a synchronous converter provides improved power converter accuracy, particularly for flyback converters which are commonly used in converters for supplying power to offline electrical devices but are subject to oscillatory resonant behaviors that cannot be adequately damped at switching frequencies sufficiently high to support miniaturization of adapters.

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