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3-D Integrated Power Technology

Year: 2007
Fig. 1. Raytheon 3-D IPM (Integrated Power Module).
An Integrated Power Module (IPM), including Si power MOSFETs and SiC diodes in form of bare die, surface mountable capacitors, is being developed, as shown in figure.

Based on CPES's Embedded Power packaging technology, which features embedded power chips and planar metallization interconnection, the IPM is fabricated by using thin- and thick-film techniques, resulting in a low profile, 3-D assembled construction. High integration is offered by merging the first- and second-level interconnection in the package.

The sandwiched power bus and vertical interconnection structure provides the smallest electrically parasitic inductance, which helps reduction of overshoot voltage and switching loss. Double-side large area metallization results in the higher thermal dissipation efficiency.

Combining the advanced packaging, better electrical and thermal performance, this IPM offers the much higher power density and beneficial for highly integration in power converter systems.

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