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Finite Element Analysis of Inductor Core Loss under DC Bias Condition

Year: 2012
Fig. 1. LTCC 40011 relative incremental permeability with Hdc.
The finite element method is a popular way to analyze the magnetic core loss in complex core structures. However, accurate calculation of the inductor core loss under DC bias conditions is still a challenge, because magnetic properties like permeability and core loss density change when a DC pre-magnetization is present; especially for a saturable core. This paper proposes a method which can accurately calculate the inductor loss under DC bias current conditions. The method utilizes the material model built by curve-fitting the measurement data, and the model is effective and simple. To verify this approach, planar inductors with low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) ferrite are simulated, and the calculated core losses are experimentally verified.

Fig. 2. LTCC 40011 core loss density as a function of Hdc (1.5MHz).
Fig. 3. Simulation flow chart.
Fig. 4. Simulated core loss density distribution.

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