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Efficient Heat Extraction by Fluidic Channel Cooling

Year: 2005
Fig. 1. Sketch of a chip with double side channel cooling. A copper layer is covered on the channel surface for uniform heat distribution.
CPES researchers have designed a double-sided channel cooling structure that is capable to extract heat of 200W/cm2. A figure on the right shows the sketch of the double-sided fluidic cooling configuration. The channel is realized on top of the chip surface by using sacrificial polymer. A copper layer is inserted in between the channel and the chip surface in order to obtain a uniform heat distribution. On the backside of the chip, a series of channels are etched to allow fluid cooling. A thin copper layer is deposited in the channel surface, which will reduce the time required to reach stable heat extraction. This research demonstrates for the first time of a design of a double-sided fluidic channel cooling structure. The incorporation of copper layer is of the first time to be used in channel fluidic cooling.

Fig. 2. SEM photograph of a microchannel fabrication on Si substrate.
Fig. 3. An array channel fabrication on Si substrate. The dimension of the array is in centimeter scale.

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