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Short-circuit fault tolerant compensation for PMAC machines

Year: 2006
Fig. 1. (a) Flux diversion concept.
A new technique has been developed for suppressing the effects of short-circuit faults in permanent-magnet (PM) AC machines. The approach uses tailored current excitation of adjacent healthy motor windings to divert magnetic flux from the shorted winding, resulting in a significant reduction of the short-circuit current and braking torque. This represents a valuable contribution, since the problem of managing internal short-circuit winding faults is a major impediment to the wider adoption of permanent magnet machines in a wide variety of variable-speed drive applications. Among its major benefits is the fact that the proposed control makes it possible to maintain a significant percentage of the motor's average torque while minimizing the short-circuit current.

Fig. 1. (b) Modular PM motor structure.
Fig. 1. (c) Prototype candidate motor.

Fig. 1. (d) Drive board with current sensing capability.
Fig. 1. (e) DSP controller with 12 PWM and 8 A-D.

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