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CPES welcomes Dennis Grove as our new Program Director for Research and Innovation in Energy Systems

Portrait image of Milan. CPES is pleased to welcome Dennis Grove as Program Director for Research and Innovation in Energy Systems! Dennis will be contributing to the estab...

CPES bids final farewell to Milan Jovanovic, a long-time friend, alumnus, colleague, mentor...

Portrait image of Milan. Our dear friend and colleague, Milan Jovanovic, passed away on October 9, 2018. He joined VPEC in 1983 as a Ph.D. student, became a VPEC Research ...


Mark your calendars for the 2019 CPES Conference!
April 14-16, 2019


Three-Phase LLC Type Converters
Invention Disclosure: Rimon Gadelrab, Hao Xue, Bin Li, Hongfei Wu, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
Switched-Capacitor Converters with Multi Resonant Frequencies
Invention Disclosure: Owen Jong, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
Semiconductor Module Arrangement
Patent: Christina DiMarino, Dushan Boroyevich, Rolando Burgos, Mark Johnson
Power Switch Drivers with Equalizers for Paralleled Switches
Patent: Khai D. T. Ngo, Lujie Zhang, Zichen Miao
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