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CPES Intellectual Property Protection Fund (IPPF)

The CPES industry consotrium cultivates connectivity among researchers in academia and industry, and creates synergy within the network of industry members. Our industry consortium is the backbone of our strong technology transfer success.

Image of CPES Intellectual Property Protection Fund

IPPF is a unique IP access mechanism that provides extraordinary IP advantage to all Principal-level members. IPPF is available automatically, at no additional cost, to Principal Plus and Principal members. IPPF members meet quarterly with inventors via telecom to discuss invention disclosures and jointly decide which technologies to protect, with patenting costs covered by IPPF. Once a technology is protected, IPPF members are granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the technology. IPPF is applicable only to technologies developed by CPES-VT researchers under the CPES industry consortium.