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Global Intergrid for Sustainable Energy Abundance

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At the beginning of the 20th century, humanity was transformed from a grim and dark existence into a magnificently illuminated, clean, and prosperous society powered by electricity. But not for all. There are still 1.2 billion people who do not have access to the electrical grid, and over 4.5 billion who are limited to just a quarter of the electrical energy that is available to people in the developed world. However, even developed societies use power grids that are based on 100-year-old electro-mechanical technologies that are creaking under the onslaught of renewable and distributed generation resources.
Through its Sustainable Energy Abundance initiative, Virginia Tech is resolved to lead a global contest to develop global electrical energy infrastructure for the 21st-century world - Global Intergrid.

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The scope of work includes

  • eGrid - Electronic Power Systems of the Future and Global Intergrid.
  • eCity - Energy Management in Built Environments.
  • eLiving - Electrical and Electronic Product Design.
  • eMobility - Electrified Transportation.
  • Other Focus Areas in Sustainable and Enjoyable Energy for Humanity:
    • Energy in Biomedical Systems and Implants
    • Alternative & Renewable Energy Sources
    • Energy in Manufacturing
    • Energy in Agriculture
    • Energy in Service Industry

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