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Developing the Enabling Infrastructure Technology

Power electronics is the "enabling infrastructure technology" that promotes the conversion of electrical power from its raw form to the form needed by machines, motors, and electronic equipment. CPES research activities are dedicated to improving electrical power processing and distribution that impact systems of all sizes - from battery-operated electronics, to vehicles, to regional and national electrical distribution systems.


Wall of awarded plaques for Intellectural Properties

CPES has long been regarded as a powerhouse in technology transfer. This comes from our research focus on developing usable technology, our close cooperation with industry, and our strong experience in developing intellectual property. We have more than 90 patents and hundreds of invention disclosures.


CPES research equipment

We typically have more than 2 dozen research projects each year, from the highly theoretical to the very applied.


CPES research lab

CPES is the largest university-based power electronics group in the country, with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. Visit our Facilities page for details.

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