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A Novel Hybrid Packaging Structure for High-Temperature SiC Power Modules

Year: 2012
Fig. 1. Proposed packaging structure.
This work presents a novel hybrid packaging structure for high-temperature SiC power modules that combines the benefits of the wirebond packaging structure and the planar packaging structure. With the proposed hybrid structure, the power modules can achieve the same footprint as and similar parasitics than planar structures, but with a much easier fabrication process and more reliable top-side interconnections. The new structure and its fabrication process are presented, and a prototype module is built based on an SiC JFET. Detailed comparisons are also conducted between the hybrid, planar, and wirebond structures, and the results reveal the better performances of the hybrid structure due to its smaller parasitics, lower switching loss and more flexible routing than the wirebond structure, as well as easier fabrication, more reliable top-side connection and more flexible die-attachment material selection than the planar structure. A three-phase multiple-chip SiC JFET hybrid structure power module is built and tested with a 250C junction temperature for verification.

Fig. 2. Hybrid structure, three-phase power module and electrical test results.
Fig. 3. Thermal test results (junction temperature around 225C and case temperature 200 C).

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