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CPES Lead Authors of Review Paper on GaN Power Device Reliability

May 26, 2023

CPES researchers, in collaboration with Delta Electronics and Kyushu University, recently published a comprehensive review paper titled "Stability, Reliability, and Robustness of GaN Power Devices: A Review" in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.

This paper is organized from an application perspective, as opposed to reliability physics. The purpose is to provide power electronics engineers the necessary information for deploying GaN power devices in existing and emerging space, aeronautical, defense and other application areas, as well as providing the industry a reference for the qualification evaluations of GaN power devices.

The lead author, Dr. Joseph Kozak graduated from CPES in 2021 and is now a Senior Electrical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Additional authors of the paper include CPES alumnus Jingcun Liu, CPES PhD students Ruizhe Zhang, Matthew Porter, Qihao Song, and Bixuan Wang. The senior authors of this paper are Dr. Rudy Wang from Delta Electronics, Prof. Wataru Saito from Kyushu University, and CPES Prof. Yuhao Zhang.

This review paper is open access and can be found at this link.

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