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US Patent: 11404967

Interleaved Converters with Integrated Magnetics
Chao Fei, Bin Li, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li
Issued: August 02, 2022

Three-phase interleaved LLC and CLLC resonant converters, with integrated magnetics, are described. In various examples, the primary sides of the phases in the converters rely upon a half-bridge configuration and include resonant networks coupled to each other in delta-connected or common Y-node configurations. The secondary sides of the phases can rely upon a full-bridge configurations and are coupled in parallel. In one example, the transformers of the phases in the converters are integrated into one magnetic core. By changing the interleaving structure between the primary and secondary windings in the transformers, resonant inductors of the phases can also be integrated into the same magnetic core. A multi-layer PCB can be used as the windings for the integrated magnetics.

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