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Multi-Channel Interleaved PFC (2005)

Year: 2005
In high power applications, paralleling devices in order to handle the high current stress is inevitable. In stead of paralleling devices, paralleling converters is more effective because of introducing the current sharing control. Further more, with paralleling converters, interleaving phases may give additional benefits. The interleaved multi-phase power factor correction (PFC) can reduce both the input and output current ripple due to the ripple current cancellation effect. The reduced output capacitor ripple current will result in smaller RMS current; so that longer capacitor life time can be expected due to less heat is generated by the capacitor's ESR losses. The reduced input ripple current will lower down the differential-mode (DM) EMI noise, which will make the DM EMI filter smaller. In CPES, the multi-channel interleaving impact on the EMI filter design is fully investigated and the filter road map is plotted. By properly design the multi-channel PFC, it can benefit both the EMI filter and output capacitor.

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