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Digital Control

Year: 2006
Fig. 1. 700KHz 1.2V/130A 1U VR10.2I.
In recent years, the interest in digital control of switching converters has grown considerably. One of the limiting factors when using IC digital controller in high-frequency switched-mode power supplies is the achievement of dynamic performance comparable to those of analog controls, especially in the presence of significant control delays and quantization effect. One of the major challenges for digital control for switch mode power supply application is the development of simple digital or mixed-signal control architectures with little added silicon area required to enable dynamic performance comparable to analog controllers. Such a controller usually requires high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion and digital-pulse width modulation (DPWM). The IC implementation of such a control is usually complex. It is also hampered by the undesirable quantization effect and the limited cycle oscillation.

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