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Sensorless Vector Control of Permanent Magnet Electrical Machines and THALIPEM Demonstration

Year: 2006
In November 2006, CPES conducted a seven-day technology demonstration at the THALES Avionics Electrical Systems (TAES) facilities in Chatou, France. The purpose was to demonstrate the high power operation of the THALIPEM power converter developed by CPES.

The focus of the technology demonstration was on the sensorless vector control strategy and design methodology developed by CPES during the THALIPEM project. It included a series of three presentations -- including five lectures -- delivered to TAES engineers and managers, reviewing both theory and all practical implementation issues encountered and solved, as well as the solutions developed by CPES. A secondary focus of this work was the digital control implementation of the proposed sensorless vector control for permanent magnet electrical machines, as well as the advanced minimum-loss space vector modulation implementation and deadtime compensation strategies.

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