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Recognition of the Nanoscale Silver Paste Technology and its Successful Transfer to Industry (2007)

Year: 2007
Fig. 1. CPES's technology transfer effort was recognized by winning a 2007 R&D 100 award.
CPES's nanoscale silver paste technology offers a one-to-one replacement to solders or epoxies for attaching semiconductor devices and would enable microelectronics, power electronics, and optoelectronics companies to design and manufacture new products of high performance and reliability. Recognizing this significant commercial potential, Prof. G-Q. Lu, IM thrust leader, established a start-up company in 2006 to mass produce the material. Under the trade name of nanoTach®, the low-temperature sintering of nanoTach® paste is emerging as a disruptive die-attach solution for power semiconductor devices and modules. In 2007, nanoTach® technology was selected by R&D magazine as one of the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year to receive a R&D 100 award, shown in figure to the right. This recognition is clearly an affirmation of CPES's technology transfer effort.

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