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Experimental Verification of the Generalized Nyquist Stability Criterion for a Balanced Three-phase Ac System in the Presence of Constant Power Loads

Year: 2012
Fig. 1. Laminated LTCC concept.
Low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) ferrite materials are promising candidates for forming the magnetic substrate of high-frequency converters. The inductors can be fabricated in the substrate, which means the power density of the converter can be dramatically increased. There are three types of LTCC ferrite tape material available from ESL ElectroScience®: 40010, 40011 and 40012. The performance of the LTCC ferrite can be improved by laminating different LTCC tapes and co-firing. The permeability and core loss density of several combinations of LTCC tapes are characterized and compared, and the best laminated LTCC materials for the high-frequency magnetic substrate of POL converters are chosen and verified.

Fig. 2. Incremental permeability.
Fig. 3. Core loss density.

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