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Modular and hierarchical modeling of electronic power distribution systems for system architecture design and optimization with respect to size, efficiency, and reliability

Year: 2003
CPES has promoted a hierarchical modeling and simulation approach, encompassing thermal, electrical fundamental (average), medium frequency (ripple, harmonics), and high frequency (EMI) sub-models for the design and analysis of IPEM-based power conversion systems. This modeling and simulation vision has exploited the IPEM concept by taking advantage of its inherent scalability, modularity, and reconfiguration capability and applying it to the system analysis and design. CPES has promoted this modeling approach through ONR in the past and recently through its NSF ERC IPEM-PCS thrust. As a result, industry and academia pursuing similar fields of studies have embraced and benefited from this methodology. Affected companies include ABB, F&H Applied Sciences Associates, Northrop Grumman, L3, Thales, Hamilton Sundstrand, Boeing, BAE, etc.

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