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Multi-disciplinary software integration for solid body based mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and electrical design of power electronics modules and converters

Year: 2003
Fig. 1. Power electronics module design process using CPES-developed multidisciplinary software integration concept.
CPES promoted an integrated design methodology for power converters combining commercial software for circuits, electromagnetics, thermal, structural, and system optimization within a unified environment, which greatly enhances power electronics research and development capability as well as drastically reducing design and analysis cycles. Software packages such as I-DEAS™, Maxwell 3D, and Saber™ can be linked together for a multi-disciplinary design. This concept has been adopted and furthered by Ansoft, which now offers the comprehensive set of integrated software packages including Maxwell® for electromagnetic and electromechanical analysis; Simplorer® for circuit-based time- and frequency-domain analysis, block diagram, and state machine simulation languages; and ePhysics™ for thermal and stress analysis, with the use of RMxprt™ and PExprt™ for electrical machine and magnetic component design respectively.

Fig. 2. Ansoft's Simplorer, Maxwell, and ePhysics tools provide full integration and interchangeability capacity.

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