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Integrated inductor, capacitor, and transformer (2003)

Year: 2003
CPES researchers have developed technology for integrating electromagnetic power passives. This passive IPEM replaces the functions of discrete capacitors, inductors, and power transformers. The passive integration is built upon multi-layer, three-dimensional structures utilizing materials with different properties such as high permeability, high dielectric constant,and high conductivity, in order to achieve integrated multi-functional properties. Functional and process integration with improved thermal management was successfully demonstrated in the lab for the first time. The original breakthrough of integrating electromagnetic power passives containing inductors, capacitors, and transformers has led to the developed CPES technology for passive IPEMs and EMI filter IPEMs. In order for this technology to be commercialized, a long-term reliability study of integrated passive IPEMs should be thoroughly studied before final deployment in the form of a commercial product.

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