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Advanced High Power Conversion Systems for EMALS/EARS Phase I - State of the Art, Development and Baseline Metrics

Year: 2003
The goal is to develop novel technologies and integrated design methodology for reliable 200 MW linear motor and IPEM-based power conversion system to be used for electromagnetic aircraft launch and recovery. The project team consists of the researchers form VT, UWM, and our Principal Member, Rockwell Science Center.

Propulsion and actuation systems for marine applications represent an important application area in the field of power electronics at high power multi-megawatt applications. This project aims at techniques of using Plug-and-play strategies to be used in a modular fashion to realize high power converters that can be used for traction, propulsion and utility applications.

Several hardware topologies suitable for high power conversion in the 200 MW power levels have been investigated. Bottlenecks from the point of view of realizing high power density using multilevel converters have been identified to be the dc link capacitors. Modulation strategies that minimize the size of the dc link capacitors are being developed. Advanced motor topologies that employ superconducting systems have been proposed.

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