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Design and Optimization of General Purpose Industrial Drives Power Section

Year: 2003
The main objective of this project is to develop an integrated design methodology for the power stage of general-purpose industrial motor drives based on electrical, mechanical, and thermal considerations to achieve an optimal system design in terms of cost and performance. This project also focuses on EMI/EMC issues and their impact on overall system. The specific goals of the project are:

  1. Cost optimization of front-end in the motor drive system

  2. Modeling and characterization of EMI emissions in the system

  3. EMI filter design optimization

  4. Development of optimization software for the whole power section.

An optimization methodology has been developed for the low frequency passives considering requirements on harmonics, peak power, and thermal constraints. The optimizer for the front-end of a motor drive system has been developed and delivered. The EMI filter optimizer is being built based on the detailed modeling of the EMI sources and propagation paths.

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