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Modeling & Control Design of DC/DC Converter

Lectures: Cascades Conference Room, The Inn at Virginia Tech (IVT) and Skelton Conference Center
Lab: 253 Whittemore Hall (within walking distance to IVT)
Instructors: Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li

Course Description

The course will engage engineers in a combined lecture/laboratory instructional format, providing hands-on experience in the DC/DC converter analysis, modeling, simulation, control design and frequency domain measurement techniques.

The Short Course Topics

DC and steady-state analysis of PWM converters
  • DC and steady-state analysis of PWM converters
  • Forward and flyback converter
  • DC characteristics
  • PWM controller operation
Modeling and analysis of PWM converters
  • Modeling and analysis of PWM converters
  • Average modeling of PMW converters
  • Small-signal modeling of PWM converters
  • Open-loop small-signal and transient characteristics
Single-loop control for PWM converters
  • Single-loop control for PWM converters
  • Loop-gain, phase and gain margins
  • Design of single-loop compensator
  • Closed-loop, small signal and transient characteristics
Advanced current-mode control
  • Advanced current-mode control
  • Peak current-mode control using standardized control module (SCM)
  • Average current-mode control
  • Charge control
  • Constant on-time current-mode control
  • Constant on-time V2 control

Additional Information

  • Course materials will be available on Monday outside the lecture room.
  • Short course lectures - begin at 8 a.m.
  • All participants are invited to join group lunch on Monday
  • Lunch on own - Preston's @ Inn at VT, or nearby restaurants
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