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High efficiency cooling solution for planar matrix transformer with advanced material

Thermal resistance model
Fig. 1. Thermal resistance model
  High power density converters LLC converters are becoming popular recently. Planar matrix transformer with PCB winding enables fully autonomous assembling and precise control over parasitic capacitance. Thermal design within planar transformer can be challenging when power density of the converter become higher and higher. To preserve high efficiency and reduce transformer loss, it is important to control temperature inside the core and winding. Due to low thermal conductivity of ferrite material, additional heat path. This paper utilizes thermal resistance model to analysis heat transfer inside the inductor, then the model is analyzed to determine the best solution for heatsink. Then detailed design is applied to each component to meet predefined requirement. This design meets the required 200LFM airflow and temperature rise of 35 degrees Celsius.
Heat path design
Fig. 2. Heat path design
Prototype Picture
Fig. 3. Finished product

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