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Design of 2×211 kW High Power-Density Aircraft Motor Drive System

Experimental waveform
Fig. 1. The Rogowski coil embedded in the gate driver and bus-bar
  Two 211-kW three-level T-Type inverters are designed for a dual-winding aircraft motor. The power density of the prototype is up to 19.7 kW/kg and efficiency is over 99%. Three-level (3-L) T-Type inverter is selected because it reduces the weight of the EMI filters, and the switching loss is reduced effectively compared to the 2-L inverter. A special busbar design is made for this project, and the high-frequency decoupling path and high-current path are separated to achieve a good thermal performance and low loop-inductance at the same time.

  The Rogowski coil is used to realize the current sensing and short-circuit protection, which help achieves a higher bandwidth and lower weight. The gate driver, decoupling path, and Rogowski coil are integrated in one PCB board. The device current can be reconstructed by the integrated Rogowski coil, and it matches the results with commercial Rogowski coil well, as shown in Fig. 1.

  A hybrid 3-L PWM scheme is developed to reduce the neutral point imbalance and reduce the THD at the same time. The prototype is shown in Fig. 2, and the full-power test waveforms are shown in Fig. 3.
Hardware prototype
Fig. 2. Prototype of the 211-kW inverter
Experimental waveform
Fig. 3. Full-power test results.

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