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High-Voltage Reverse Blocking Integrated GaN MOSFET/Schottky Rectifier

Year: 2007
Fig. 1. Schematic cross-section of the reverse blocking.
To demonstrate the high-voltage MOS-gated bi-directional switch, we need to have a complementary pair of reverse blocking MOSFETs connected in parallel. Towards this goal, we have achieved a significant milestone this year by successfully demonstrating the world-first high-voltage, monolithically integrated GaN MOSFET/Schottky rectifier pair. This integrated device, its schematic cross-section shown in Fig. 1 and microphotograph of one of the test devices shown in Fig. 2, has forward and reverse blocking and conduction capabilities. Specifically, we have characterized functional devices with forward and reverse blocking voltages as high as 770V and 1050V, respectively. In addition, the blocking voltage, as designed, increases with increasing drift lengths, as shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 2. Microphotograph of a circular, experimental device.
Fig. 3. Breakdown characteristics vs. drift length of the reverse blocking integrated GaN MOSFET/Schottky rectifier.

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