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Single-Phase vs. Three-Phase High Power High Frequency Transformers

Year: 2010
Fig. 1. DAB1 Topology.
In this paper, the design and comparison of single and three-phase transformer in Dual Active Bridge (DAB) Converter are carried out. DAB converter topology with isolating transformer is firstly introduced. And two design methods for transformers are proposed for both single and three-phase DAB converters (DAB1 and DAB3). The designed single and three-phase transformers are compared in volume and temperature rise. And results show that three-phase transformer has little benefit in volume or thermal than single-phase transformer, when they are utilized in DAB1 and DAB3 converters separately. Scaled-down DAB1 and DAB3 systems have been built and volume and thermal tests will be carried out for verification. As proven by experiment, the new method can measure the loss at 10MHz or higher, and control the total error in 10%, and can be even better with high precision instruments.

Fig. 2. DAB3 Topology.
Fig. 3. DAB1 Transformer Terminal Voltage and Flux Density Waveform.
Fig. 4. DAB3 Transformer Terminal Voltage and Flux Density Waveform.

Fig. 5. Transformer Volume Comparison at Specified Flux and Current Density.
Fig. 6. V-I characteristics of the system converters.

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