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A Novel Integrated Multi-Elements Resonant Converter

Year: 2012
Multi-element resonant converters were proposed to solve startup and short-circuit protection problems LLC resonant converter meet. The notch filter is created to limit the inrush current during start up and short circuit, so that the power converter can be protected from destructive damage. However, more passive components are added to the resonant tank. The additional passive components impose the demand for integration efforts in order to alleviate their impact on converter size.

The magnetic and passive integration methods are given to improve the power density of passive components volume. Figure below shows the concept of magnetic integration. Firstly, the magnetizing inductance (Lm) can be controlled by air gap. The magnetic shunt between winding 1, 4 and windings 2, 3 represents the magnetic decoupling, which indicates the leakage inductance Lr. And, the magnetic shunt between winding 1 and winding 4 represents the leakage inductance Lp.

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