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Thermo-Mechanical Reliability Investigation of Large Temperature Excursions in Power Electronics Packages

Year: 2012
Fig. 1. Conceptual drawing of cross-sectioned DBC samples, showing dimensions.
This study confirms that high stresses between the metallization layer and ceramic in power electronics packaging lead to significant failures in the DBC substrate. This paper discusses the driving forces behind several different failure modes , and presents the results of a parametric study of an improved DBC substrate. Three different DBS substrates are compared, as shown in Fig. 1.

As seen in Fig. 2, the peak tensile peeling stress was verified by simulations and experiments as the major driving force of delamination. It is therefore the basis for improving the design and optimizing the process parameters so that power modules can have a high resistance to large temperature excursions.

Fig. 2. Comparison of peeling stress along the midline.

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