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Optimization of a High Density Gallium Nitride Based Non-Isolated Point of Load Module

Year: 2013
Fig. 1. Power Density Map of Current High Density Power Modules.
The demand for future power supplies to achieve higher output currents, smaller size, and higher efficiency cannot be achieved with conventional technologies. There are limitations in the packaging parasitics, thermal management, and layout parasitics that must be addressed to push for higher frequencies and improved power density. To address these limitations, the use of integrated 3D point of load converters utilizing GaN transistors, low profile magnetic substrates, and ceramic substrates with high thermal conductivity must be considered.

This paper discusses the effect of parasitics on the performance of the high frequency GaN POL, methods to improve the circuit layout of a highly integrated 3D integrated POL module, and the thermal design of a high density module using advanced substrates with improved thermal conductivity. The final demonstration is a 900W/in3 12V 2MHz Alumina DBC GaN converter, which offers unmatched power density compared to state of the art industry products and research. It also demonstrates a highly integrated 3D DBC module with an integrated low profile magnetic.

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