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A Unified Control for the Combined Permanent Magnet Generator and Active Rectifier System

Year: 2015
Fig. 1. Hardware setup. (a) Power stage and control unit. (b) Permanent magnet generator
This paper presents a unified control method for the combined permanent magnet generator (PMG) and active rectifier that can be used in autonomous power systems such as more electric aircraft requiring high power density and efficiency. With the proposed control, the system can function well without additional boost inductors and rotor position sensors. The design procedure for the control is presented, including current loops, a voltage loop, and a rotor position estimator loop. Simulation and experimental results show that both the dc-link voltage and the reactive power can be controlled effectively. A system efficiency optimization technique is pro-posed by selecting the permanent magnet flux linkage and determining the operating points at various load and speed conditions. The power density and efficiency of the PMG and active rec-tifier system are improved with the unified control.

Fig. 2. Waveforms in the PMG and active front-end rectifier system after applying a load change from 200 to 400 W (time: 20 ms/div).

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