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Compensation of DC-Link Oscillation in Single-Phase to Single-Phase VSC/CSC and Power Density Comparison

Year: 2015
Fig. 1. Inductive and capacitive energy storage comparison results.
This paper proposes a technique to reduce low frequency DC-link energy oscillation caused by the pulsating single-phase energy flow in a single-phase to single-phase Voltage Source Converter (VSC) and Current Source Converter (CSC), which operate connected to the grid. That pulsating energy is the main reason for the increase in size of the passive components and power losses in the converter. Pulsation reduction is achieved by incorporating two auxiliary active switches and one passive energy storage element to the rectifier and inverter side. Additionally, this paper presents a comparison of these converters with regard to their efficiency and power density. A detailed control strategy is presented, and a simulation is provided, along with exper-imental results (See Fig. 1 and Fig. 2), in order to validate the theoretical approach.

Fig. 2. Experimental results for the VSC. Where the top figure is the DC voltage, the middle figure is for the AC rectifier side and the bottom figure is for the AC inverter side.

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