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Single Stage EMI Filter Design for 1 kW Server Power Supply

Year: 2018 | Author: Yuchen Yang | Paper: T5.3
The electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter is an important component in server power supply. In traditional designs, it is a two-stage structure with a large volume, usually occupying a third of the total volume of the server power supply. With wide bandgap (WBG) devices, the power density of the converters has recently increased to 10 times higher than traditional designs. Therefore, the bulky two-stage EMI filter is not suitable for high density converters. In this paper, a single-stage EMI filter design is proposed with high power density. The near field coupling between filter components is analyzed, and a better filter arrangement is proposed.

Reduce near field coupling in filter components.
Fig. 1. Reduce near field coupling in filter components.

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