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Axial flux machine using soft magnetic composite materials

Year: 2005
Fig. 1. Modular axial flux machines concept based on SMC.
Generated from ongoing research at UW, this work explores the use of soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials both as a replacement to steel laminations and as the core material in new electromagnetic actuator topologies. This project aims to benefit: 1) powder-producing companies by providing verification to their in-house test results as well as a better understanding of the different material properties required by different motor topologies; 2) powder compaction companies by providing methods for analyzing SMC characteristics accurately and effectively for quality control and processing improvements; 3) SMC motor manufacturers by providing the in-depth JMAG analysis methodology for losses which will be crucial for motor design enhancements. However, in order for industry to adopt it for commercialization, different methodologies for modeling material losses in SMCs and a proof-of-concept prototype need to be further investigated.

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