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Hierarchical Optimization Design of Medium-Voltage Modular Converter Based Energy Management

Fig. 1. Schematic of the Medium-Voltage Modular Converter-Based Energy Management System Understudy.
  Modular converter-based systems become popular options for medium-voltage energy management and power- conditioning systems, which drive major improvements in system development and reductions in system design, inventory, and maintenance cost.
  In this paper, a medium-voltage modular converter- based energy management system, as shown in Fig. 1, is constructed to conduct power conditioning from the dc distribution bus to the loads. A pulsed load, which has its loading profile defined, is used as the example to show the hierarchical design and optimization procedure of the energy management of minimized system weight. In this energy management system, a medium-voltage modular converter-based front-end subsystem generates an internal dc bus. A load subsystem that serves the pulsed load is then fed from this dc bus. To filter the pulsed power from the load, a battery bank-based energy storage subsystem is placed in parallel with the front-end subsystem and is connected to the same internal dc bus.
  In the hierarchical optimization process of this system, a Morris Method-based sensitivity analysis procedure is embedded in each design hierarchy to rank the design variables based on their importance regarding both the

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