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CPES awarded DoE grant to develop combined heat and power technologies that offer services to the electric grid

Sep 14, 2018

CPES has been awarded a grant from the Department of Energy to develop a modular, scalable, medium-voltage power converter featuring stability-enhanced grid-support functions for future flexible cogeneration (CHP) systems, operating in small-to-midsize U.S. manufacturing plants. This is a joint project with the Virginia Tech Power and Energy Center, and will provide foundational work on power electronics and control systems enabled by enhanced WBG technology. This research is capable of being implemented into a variety of existing and future CHP systems, using a wide range of prime mover technologies.

CPES' selection is one of seven projects which will receive up to $10 million towards the research and development of technologies that enable small-to-midsize manufacturers to use combined heat and power (CHP) systems to provide services to the electric grid. CHP is a set of mostly gas-fired distributed generation technologies that produce electricity and thermal energy on-site, and can provide utilities and grid operators with a cost-effective way to obtain the grid services they need in order to stabilize the electric power system and keep it running.

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