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US Team wins Solar Decathalon Middle East with help from CPES

Dec 05, 2018

Image of futureHAUS construction.
FutureHAUS Dubai, an innovative, interdisciplinary, and ambitious project to design and build a futuristic, modular smart home, was won by the the sole American team competing against 14 other university teams in the Solar Decathlon Middle East with generous help from CPES. FutureHAUS Dubai utilizes cutting-edge engineering to achieve its sustainability goals, and CPES was heavily involved in designing its electronic energy system and an algorithm that guarantees the home dominantly operates with a net-positive energy balance.

"CPES has been at the forefront of the power electronics field for more than four decades and is dedicated to improving electrical power processing and distribution systems, from battery-operated electronics and vehicles to grid-level power distribution systems," said Igor Cvetkovic, CPES research scientist and technical director. "It felt so natural to collaborate with the School of Architecture + Design faculty and students on this project, and it has been an honor and a great joy to be a part of the team."

Collaboration on FutureHAUS Dubai cemented a long-term relationship between CPES and the School of Architecture + Design, enabling future interdisciplinary opportunities that span across numerous other research groups at Virginia Tech. This collaboration was initiated as one of the pilot transdisciplinary activities within the Virginia Tech Electronic Energy Systems Initiative, which focuses on the development of smart and human-centered infrastructure that will assure an enjoyable, affordable, safe, and sustainable living environment for every human being.

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