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Two images detailing power electronics systems

Modern switching-mode power electronics systems generate significant conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) in a broad spectrum. This EMI can hurt the normal operation of other electronics systems and must be suppressed to an acceptable level before it can propagate. EMI noise is traditionally categorized as either differential mode (DM) or common mode (CM) noise. DM noise is the noise current owing within the power delivery paths, while CM noise is the noise current owing between the ground and the power circuits.

Although EMI is a wide and varied eld of study, most of the EMI research at CPES focuses on the generation, mitigation, propagation, measurement of EMI in power electronics systems, as well as the improvement of their power quality.

Recent studies

  1. Generation and characterization of EMI noise
  2. Parasitic reduction and cancellation for EMI filters
  3. EMI noise, separation and measurement techniques
  4. High power density hybrid EMI filter design for motor drive system
  5. CM noise reduction with balance and parasitic cancellation techniques
  6. Active EMI filters
  7. Integrated EMI filters with planar structure

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