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US Patent: 9678521

External Ramp Autotuning for Current Mode Control of Switching Converter
Pei-Hsin Liu, Fred C. Lee, Yingyi Yan, Paolo Mattavelli
Issued: June 13, 2017

Peak current, valley current or average current mode controlled power converters in either digital or analog implementations obtain a stabilized feedback loop and allow high system bandwidth design by use of an external ramp generator using a slope computation equation or design parameters based on fixing the quality factor of a double pole at one-half of the switching frequency at a desired value The slope of the external ramp waveform is tuned automatically with knowledge of the slope change in the waveform of inductor current of a power converter derived by differentiating a waveform in the current feedback loop. This autotuning of the external ramp generator provides immunity of quality factor change under variations of duty cycle, component values of topological change of the power converter.

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