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US Patent: 9847710

Universal System Structure for Low Power Adapters
Fred C. Lee, Xiucheng Huang, Qiang Li
Issued: December 19, 2017

A two-stage power converter architecture including an isolation transformer and rectification of the isolation transformer output by an LLC resonant circuit and methodology for operating the same feeds an output voltage back to a circuit for generating waveforms for controlling a totem pole circuit to provide output voltage regulation as well as rectification of AC input voltage. The circuit for controlling the totem pole circuit may also be responsive to the AC input power waveform to provide power factor correction (PFC), in which case, the feedback signal provides additional pulse width modulation of the PFC signals. Bus capacitor size amy also be reduced by injecting harmonics of the AC input waveform into the feedback signal which also serves to substantially maintain efficiency of the (preferably LLC) resonant second stage.

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